The Master Courses in Music Studies are geared towards young musicians holding a diploma and possessing outstanding performing skills who wish to follow a professional career as concert performers. Founded in 1939, these courses are aimed at the acquisition of a Diploma which is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

The courses, the maximum duration of which is three years, offer personalized study programmes that combine lessons held by internationally eminent teachers with artistic activities, workshops and opportunities to meet prominent personalities of the music world.

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The Ministerial Decree of 13/02/ 1996 on the rankings for teaching a musical instrument in secondary schools awards a 3-point score to the diploma of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia held for the instrument to which the ranking refers; if the diploma held is for an instrument other than the one to which the ranking refers to, or is for Chamber Music, the awarded score is 1.5 points.

Furthermore, the Ministerial Note prot. no.1672-of 07 October 2002 on the rankings for teaching at Conservatories, awards the Accademia’s diploma 4 points for the teaching which the ranking refers to and 2 points for other teaching.

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