Tutti a Santa Cecilia!

Tutti a Santa Cecilia is the season of educational activities dedicated to schools, children (starting from babies), families and in general to a new audience who wants to approach the universe of Music.
Managed by the Education Department of Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, this year dedicates special online events to schools and to all those who have difficulty moving, accessible through a dedicated area on the site, with constantly updated teaching material and live streaming. During the live broadcast, it will be possible to interact by chat with artists, thanks to the presence of a blogger.

In program lessons-concert in which are explored the characteristics of Music, different typology depending on the age of the public. In addition to the shows there are the Lab, lessons-concert dedicated to instruments and the voices, where you learn by doing: kids can play and sing using the teaching material, available on the site.

Prove d’ascolto  are reserved to schools: easy and interactive online introductions to famous pieces of music. Baby Sound is, finally, the series of concerts that Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia dedicates to those who are about to be born, to babies (0/2 years) and to pregnant women.
For those who want to perfect their musical skills, “Tutti a Santa Cecilia” offers since many years, with increasing success: the Juniorchestra, the Children’s Choir and the Cantoria, courses that include a solid artistic training, in which children learn to play and sing together, often performing in prestigious contexts.

For adults there are Chorus and Orchextra, a Chorus and an Orchestra to give an answer to those who want to grow their passion for music “making it”.


Cantoria Santa Cecilia Education


Musical courses

The Children Orchestra of Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Instrument laboratories reserved to children (from 5 to 21 years) who already study a musical instrument, with the participation of musicians of Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Orchestra.
The JuniOrchestra is divided into five groups in relation to the age and musical level:

JuniOrchestra Kids1, Kids2,  Teen e Young
Conductor, Simone Genuini

JuniOrchestra Baby
Conductor, Laura de Mariassevich



Voci Bianche
Choral laboratories reserved to children (from 6 to 21 years) to learn the art of singing together.
Chief  Conductor,  Piero Monti

Coral singing laboratory is constituted by six groups in relation to age and musical level:

Coro Voci Bianche
Conductor,  Piero Monti

Laboratorio Corale I and II,  Schola Cantorum I and II
Conductor,  Vincenzo Di Carlo


Conductor,  Massimiliano Tonsini

Propedeutica Musicale
Musical laboratories for little children (4-5 years)
Through a first informal approach and then more and more aware, children learn the world of sounds using the voice and the Orff instrument.

Teachers, Vincenzo Di Carlo e Sara Navarro Lalanda


For Adults
Music workshops for amateurs

Chorus Choral laboratory (from 26 years)
Conductor, Massimiliano Tonsini

Orchextra Instrumental Laboratory (from 21 years)
Conductor,  Giordano Ferranti



For more information, contact us:
“Tutti a Santa Cecilia” concerts
tel: 06.80242380, 06.8082058
email: tuttiasantacecilia@santacecilia.it
Musical Courses
tel: 06.80242872
email: education@santacecilia.it