– For artistic or technical needs, or for causes of force majeure, Management reserves the right to modify concert dates, schedules, and programmes, announcing these changes in the press and at www.santacecilia.it. For special events (television filming, technical needs, etc.), the Management reserves the possibility to modify seating for some concertgoers, subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

– Tickets are valid exclusively for the performance for which they were purchased.

  • Tickets may be neither replaced nor refunded.
  • Access to the hall is gained solely with the ticket or subscription stub for each individual performance. The concertgoer is required to keep his or her ticket for the entire performance, and is required to pay the ticket price again if unable to produce it (Presidential Decree no. 640 of 26 October 1972, art. 6, as amended). The box office cannot issue duplicates of tickets or subscriptions.

– If the ticket is stolen or misplaced, the concertgoer may enter the hall only upon purchasing a new ticket. He or she may access the hall upon paying a € 10 entrance fee.
In the event of loss or theft of the subscription, the right to enter the hall shall be granted upon the compilation of a self-attestation form for the loss. The Management will issue the subscription holder a statement to be shown, in the original, to the concert hall staff at each concert.

– Subscription holders without the stub for their subscription turn may still access their seat upon purchasing a € 3.00 entry ticket. This facility is extended exclusively to the subscription holder upon producing an identification document.

– Subscription holders who, for extraordinary needs, are required to change the concert date to another in the same weekly production, may, upon visiting the Auditorium’s box office (open every day from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM) and delivering his or her stub until the day of the date indicated on the ticket, be assigned a numbered seat at the cost of € 2.00. If the full stub is delivered after the date indicated on the subscription, subscription holders may purchase non-numbered entry for € 5.00, subject to availability of the subscriber’s own subscription sector.

For subscriptions with discounted formulas (formula Y) and booklet formulas, no series change may be requested.

– All tickets and subscriptions purchased with the youth discount are strictly personal and shall be subject to checking upon entry into the hall. In the house, ushers may at any time ask to see the ticket and proof of age.

– In the event of cancellation of a performance, or if a performance is suspended prior to the first interval, the subscription share shall be refunded at the end of the season only if there has been no make-up or replacement concert.

Entry into the house after the performance has begun is forbidden. Concerts and performances of Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia begin promptly. Considering the halls’ particular arrangement, please enter the house at least 5 minutes ahead of the time indicated on your ticket, in order to reach your seat in time for the start of the concert. Latecomers are asked to wait in the foyer until the interval, when one is scheduled, at which time they may take their seats.

– In consideration of the performers and your fellow concertgoers, as well as of the fact that many concerts will be broadcast live on radio and television, audience members are kindly asked to maintain proper behaviour in the concert hall and not to create disturbances during the performances. The public is also kindly requested to appear in apparel appropriate for the theatre’s decorum.

– Cloakroom service is free of charge. Audience members are required to check umbrellas, hats, helmets, large purses, cameras, and audio and video recording devices.

Mobiles and tablets must be switched off in the concert hall. Photography, with or without flash, and even with your own smartphone for personal use, is forbidden, as is audio or video recording of any kind inside the Auditorium.

– Pursuant to Law no. 584/75, smoking is prohibited at the Auditorium.

– Eating and drinking is permitted only at the bar establishments. No bottles, glasses, or food or drink of any kind may be brought inside the hall.

– Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia guarantees, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the confidentiality of personal data and the use thereof exclusively for communications related to its business.

– For any problem or requirement, visitors may contact the House Manager.

The purchase of the ticket and of the subscription presumes total acceptance of the rules listed above.


Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia thanks you, and looks forward to welcoming you for this season of music!