Registrations are open for the second edition of the “Luciano Berio” International Composition Competition organized and promoted by the Santa Cecilia National Academy in collaboration with the Luciano Berio Study Center, La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra, the RAI National Symphony Orchestra, the Opera Carlo Felice Genova and Universal Edition (UE).

Reserved for composers under 40, the competition was created with the mission of promoting contemporary music and young composers through the creation and dissemination of new pieces for symphonic orchestra.

To participate in the Competition, two scores must be submitted by 15 November 2022, one for symphonic orchestra, the other with free instrumentation, starting from 3 instruments. It is possible to submit works that have already been performed or published.

In the preliminary phase, the Jury will shortlist the finalist candidates; these will have access to the final selection scheduled on 15 and 16 January 2023, at the end of which the Winner of the 2022 edition of the Competition will be announced.

The Winner will be awarded a commission worth 20,000 euros for the composition of an original piece for symphonic orchestra which will be premiered by the Santa Cecilia National Academy Orchestra as part of the 2024-2025 Symphonic Season. The piece will be also published by Universal Edition (UE) via scodo and will be subsequently performed in the concert seasons of the partner orchestras. The Winner will also receive a two-year free subscription for scodo | Universal Edition (EU). In addition, Universal Edition (UE) will offer all contestants a one time free evaluation of their works.

Thinking about this competition we wondered: “How would Luciano Berio have organized it? ” Berio would have aimed for the top, he would have tried to create the best composition contest in the world. Our endeavour was then to follow that hypothetical model by offering young authors the opportunity to make themselves known through great orchestras, performers, commissions and publishers. We hope that this second edition will confirm the encouraging outcome of the first .

Michele dall’Ongaro, President-Superintendent of the Santa Cecilia National Academy


The collaboration with the Centro Studi Luciano Berio will also entail the parallel organization of a series of study days on topics related to the figure and work of Luciano Berio. The first appointment, dedicated to audiovisual experiments, is scheduled on 11 March 2023 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone, in combination with the performance of Berio’s Sinfonia conducted by Pablo Heras-Casado (9, 10, 11 March).



Antonio Pappano, President
Luca Francesconi (Italy)
Tania León (USA)
Michael Jarrell (Switzerland)
Hilda Paredes (Mexico).

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Declaration of exclusive authorship of the works submitted (pdf)

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The “Luciano Berio” International Composition Competition is a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC)