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Course Objectives and Duration

In-depth study of horn technique, solo repertoire, and orchestra excerpts.

The expected duration of the course is from November to July.

The course is normally divided into monthly sessions, during which each student is entitled to 10 hours of individual lessons, 3 of which with the collaboration of a pianist, and to participate in collective activities organized during the academic year, including mock auditions and end-of-year concerts at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, and, for the most deserving, opportunities for involvement in the Academy’s artistic activities.

At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance will be issued, subject to regular participation in scheduled lessons and didactic activities. It should be noted that the Horn Course is an advanced training course; it does not include exams upon completion of the educational path and is therefore not aimed at obtaining the Diploma of the Santa Cecilia National Academy.

Course Teacher

Guglielmo Pellarin

First Horn in the Santa Cecilia National Academy Orchestra, Guglielmo Pellarin received his early music education within his family, taught by his oboist father and his pianist mother.

Course structure


Admission requirements

  • The course is open to Italian and foreign citizens of any nationality no more than 30 years of age.
  • Candidates must be in possession of a Conservatory (old system) Diploma or a 1st or 2nd level Academic Diploma in Horn. Exceptions to the aforementioned requirements may be allowed in exceptional cases, in the presence of particular and recognized artistic qualities and subject to evaluation and approval by the examination board.

The admission, as active students, is subject to passing an entrance exam that will take place by sending video recordings, according to the indications in the paragraph “Admission exams”.


Applications for admission

Applications for admission, written online by filling out the form at the following link: https://santacecilia.it/alta-formazione/form-di-iscrizione-corsi-di-perfezionamento, must be received no later than October 17, 2022. Proof of the application having been successfully sent will consist of the e-mail sent by the Academy.


The following documents must be attached to the online application:

  • Diploma certificate;
  • Artistic curriculum with repertoire;
  • Photocopy of passport or identity document;
  • Exam program chosen by the candidate;
  • Proof of payment of the admission fee.


Admission exam program

  • The first movement of a Concerto or Sonata for horn at the candidate’s choice;
  • Two orchestra excerpts at the candidate’s choice.


Admission Exams

The entrance exams will take place exclusively through video recordings made according to the following specifications:

  • Fixed camera, unedited, and uninterrupted filming of at least one movement of each piece of the admission exam program;
  • Each piece of the program presented must be subject to separate registration (1 file 1 piece);
  • Only files in MP4 format will be accepted;
  • The individual files must be named with SURNAME (LAST NAME) and name of the candidate, author, title of the piece (e.g: ROSSI Mario _Beethoven_Sinfonia n°5.mp4). To facilitate indexing, please follow the indicated order.

Registrations that do not comply with the aforementioned requirements will not be considered valid for admission to the selection.

The video recordings must be sent via WeTransfer to the email address: didattica@santacecilia.it by no later than October 17, 2022.

The results of the entrance exams will be communicated by October 24, 2022.


For admission exam and attendance

  • € 50,00 admission exam;
  • € 1.200,00 annual frequency.


Students who do not comply with the payment of attendance and exam fees will not be admitted to lessons and exams.

All payments can be made, indicating in the description “Horn Course”, by:

  • Postal payment
    c/c n° 30406003 in the name of the Santa Cecilia National Academy – Foundation
  • Bank transfer
    c/c n. 9872 in the name of the Santa Cecilia National Academy – Foundation
    Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) Agency n. 6340 of Rome, Via del Corso, 471
    IBAN: IT31 I 010 0503 2400 0000 0009 872
  • Paypal on the Foundation’s website (https://santacecilia.it/alta-formazione/paypal/)


The receipt of the payment for attendance must be sent to the academic office (segreteria didattica) by no later than 15 days from the date of admission to the course.

Students are given the right to pay the tuition fee in two equal installments, the second by March 1st,

Withdrawal from the course will not give the right to a refund of the amount paid.

Information and contacts

Academic Office

Santa Cecilia National Academy – Foundation
Via Vittoria, 6 – 00187 Roma
Tel: +39 0632817.348 – 321 – 305
Fax: +39 0632817366
E-mail: didattica@santacecilia.it

All requests and communications to the academic office must be sent by e-mail, specifying the purpose of the request for quicker handling.