Woodwinds and Brass, Timpani and Percussion

The Woodwind & Brass and Timpani & Percussion programmes are post-graduate courses aimed at instrumentalists in possession of outstanding playing qualities who want to pursue a professional career in music. The courses are taught by the Principals of the Orchestra of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.

The course duration of each course is one academic year.

These courses are not aimed at obtaining a Diploma; upon completion of the course, and provided regular attendance of lessons and artistic activities, a certificate of attendance will be issued upon request. Particularly deserving students may be involved in artistic activities organized during the year, such as, for example, the participation in the concerts of the Ensemble Novecento.


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Flute Instructor Andrea Oliva – Regulations 2021-2022

Oboe Instructor Francesco Di Rosa – Regulations 2021-2022

Clarinet Instructor Alessandro Carbonare – Regulations 2021-2022

Bassoon Instructor Francesco Bossone – Regulations 2021-2022

Horn Instructor Guglielmo Pellarin – Regulations 2021-2022

Trumpet Instructor Andrea Lucchi – Regulations 2021-2022

Trombone Instructor Andrea Conti – Regulations 2021-2022

Timpani Instructor Antonio Catone – Regulations 2021-2022

Percussion Instructor Edoardo Giachino – Regulations 2021-2022